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Color N Raw was created in 2016 as a black trans led organization and space for black TLGQ+ youth ages 14-25. The 1ST black trans led organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are a family-oriented organization with goals, morals and support groups and services for black TLGBQ+ ages 26 and up as well in South Florida with a strong focus in patronizing the youth in Florida ballroom culture, those facing homelessness, domestic violence and disproportionately affected by HIV.    


Our mission is to use different avenues of entertainment to break barriers for Equality, Social Justice, Violence, Gender Justice, and HIV through creative arts, fashion and photography.    


Our Vision is to educate our youth and community about our culture, and the importance of why our mission is so important to our community and educate our community in creative ways to deconstruct these barriers in order to improve them.


Color N Raw is divided into 3 programs.

 * Color N Raw Thrift Boutique

 * Color N Raw Youth Enrichment program

 * Color N Raw Models 

CNRM has several initiatives, goals and objectives:
-Uplift, build and help kids, teens and adults exude confidence.
-Create a true meaning of family because not everyone has a family to connect with.
-Foster creativity and embracing the act of being "different".
-An organization to help showcase the talents of individuals regardless of race, size, or sexual preference.
-Reduce high risk behaviors among young aspiring models.
-Provide classes in different categories of entertainment.

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