CNRM Inc. was founded in the summer of 2016 in the beautiful city of Hollywood, Florida. CNRM Inc. was created with only four young ladies that were consistent, determined, open minded and willing to go the extra mile. CNRM Inc.  is not just a group of models. We are a family that has goals, morals and values, on and off the runway. Utilizing the many talents from Signing, Dancing, Acting, Hair, Makeup, and different styles of modeling.


Using these different avenues of entertainment to give back to our community but also help push individuals closer to their dreams, and keep most younger kids in the community out the streets from Rap, Gang violence, abuse and other outrageous issues taking place here in south Fl. Helping one another feel confident, growth in their talents, regardless of what it is to become extremely successful. Being apart of CNRM Inc., I expect all models to grow and learn from one another to create a bigger vision for what we want and see. CNRM Inc. is a Empire being built to grow as a whole. We are a entertainment group. We are COLOR N RAW.


 CNRMT Inc. was created based on six things to remember:

Confidence, Uplifting kids, teens and adults Creating a true meaning of family because not everyone has a family to connect with. Creativity and being different from other modeling group. Organization to help showcase the talents of individuals regardless of what race, size, or sexual preference they are.. Always willing to showcase to the world things through production  showcases, or even more smaller projects like photo shoots, videos, social media, company team up projects and other artistic developments. Reduce high risk behaviors among young aspiring models to keep away from gang related  issues, teen pregnancy, abuse, and rap.. I want everyone’s dreams to become a reality. Dance training in ballet, modern, jazz, afro cuban, salsa, flamenco, tango, ramba, hiphop, pointe, contemporary and lyrical.. Runway educate for kids, ladies and gentlemen.


Runway coaching, photography, dance therapy and the correct educate to train you for what the real world of entertainment and professional modeling industry. Makeup/ Hair workshop (Fantasy, color, wig making and etc). Bedazzled, design and fashion classes. Acting and film production. it’s all about success with CNRM, CNRM IS willing to work with major artist, stylist, and designers as well as mainstream individuals.

We believe everyone that walk through our doors can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

We aim to educate, empower, and create a brave space for our black and brown community to help push ways of  breaking barriers for Equality, Social injustice and Violence through Fashion and Photography

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Our Vision

To build more unity within our Black and Brown community.

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